Who spotted our necklace on Made In Chelsea last night?

London City Skyline graces the Bafta award winning TV show.

If it so happens that you are an avid follower of MIC - that's Made In Chelsea to those not familiar with the show - you may well have spotted a shiny article around the neck of Louise, a darling of the show.  It's already a piece of jewellery favourited by celebrities, Rihanna being one of them, but Louise is the first London-based celeb to have been spotted donning it, which makes it a little special, given its premise.

The necklace itself, is inspired by the white-noise whirr of London life, its sharp shapes and pithy pearls of wisdom are designed to lend themselves to the wearer's character, not define it.  Given the relationship with London, where better for it to appear than a show based in its heart.

Louise Thompson has been courting controversy this series, largely due to her popularity as a much
sought-after catch in the E4 show set in SW3, with plenty of the recent plot revolving around her.
Below: Louise Thompson proudly shows off her recent acquisition, posting a selfie to her @louise333 Instagram account. Although we don't recommend balancing it on parts of your face, there's an element of chic about this composition, don't you think ;-)
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